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5 Tips to Prepare Your Home for a Spring Sale

15 Sep 2016 vicpark 0 Comment

Spring is just around the corner, so it’s the perfect time to get your house in order so you can make a positive impact on the market for a spring sale. Organising your property in advance will save you from having to rush at the last minute to get it ready to be on show and will make things less stressful when you’re preparing to put your home on the market.

Spruce Up For Spring

The first thing to do is start with spring cleaning. Get rid of built-up dust and dirt by washing your windows, dusting blinds, laundering curtains, dusting baseboards and cleaning all appliances in your home – and don’t forget on top of the refrigerator and hard-to-reach places where grime likes to hide! Get rid of items that are broken or no longer serve a purpose by donating them to charity or throwing them away to reduce the amount of clutter in your home. Put any unused equipment or bulky objects into storage to make your house more presentable.

Make it Fresh

Make sure your home is as inviting to potential buyers as possible by eliminating odours and making it smell fresh and clean. Instead of trying to hide bad scents with overpowering air-fresheners, go for more natural alternatives such as fresh flowers or diffuse essential oils like peppermint and citrus. Another interesting trick is to boil cinnamon sticks on the stove, or to put fresh apples and home-baked cookies on display in the kitchen.

Keep it Neutral

Nothing gives the home a fresh face lift like a new coat of paint. Opt for neutral tones and palettes in a matte finish so that they are more likely to appeal to a variety of tastes and be adaptable to somebody’s own style and vision for decorating their space.

Tie up Loose Ends

Make sure you are on top of things and finalise all outstanding house maintenance and repairs. It will make the sales process go a lot smoother if all home improvement projects are up to date. Make sure that your carpets are in pristine condition (this means they are dry-cleaned and are stain-free!), or make sure your timber floorboards are shiny and get them refinished if necessary to remove any scratches or signs of wear and tear.

First Impressions Count

Nothing beats a great first impression, so be sure to create a welcoming entrance for a dazzling impact on any potential buyers who walk through your door. Apply a fresh coat of paint to your front door if required, update all hardware and make sure that the entrance isn’t cluttered.

The Price has to be Right

Finally, make sure you have a realistic idea of pricing before you put your home on the market. Do your research online and find out what similar homes are selling for in your area. Ask your real estate agent for advice and take into account the current market conditions when setting your expectations from the get go.

If you would like to find out more about preparing your home for a spring sale, then talk to our friendly team of expert real estate agents in Victoria Park to find out how we can provide you with quality advice to help you get your home spring sale ready today. Call us on (08) 9361 4666 for more information.

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