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Feel Connected to Your Rental – How to Decorate Your Rental

12 Oct 2016 vicpark 0 Comment

Moving into a new rental is a great excuse to reinvent your style, buy a few new household items you have had your eye on and redecorate to make it feel like home. There are clever things you can do to personalise the space and make a style statement without overdoing it and risking the loss of your security bond.

Investing in quality items of furniture that you will love forever and will want to take with you when you move house is a great place to start. Select pieces that are timeless and won’t date, as well as versatile enough to work in a different home. If you’re on a budget, then sometimes it’s a good idea to buy second-hand items rather than cheap, disposable furniture that looks like it has been plucked from a college dorm and may not even last for the lifetime of your lease.

When in doubt, always make it modular. Rentals tend to be temporary homes, so opt for furniture that can be moved around and reconfigured to fit more easily into another home. For example, instead of a sofa with chaise, which limits the possible configurations, choose a simple sofa and an armchair: you will have the same seating space but will retain flexibility with the layout.

Lighting is another very clever way to customise your rental and make a design statement. In fact, replacing a lighting fixture is one of the easiest DIY projects you can undertake yourself. Just make sure that you store the original lights in good condition in a safe place so you can restore them to their original condition before you move out. If you aren’t DIY friendly, then you could always hire a handyman to change the lighting fixtures for you.

If you haven’t been lucky enough to move into a rental with beautiful polished timber floorboards then don’t despair – a feature rug is the perfect way to add a hint of warmth to your home and hide unsightly floors. A statement rug can also work really well over wall-to-wall carpet areas, and is a stylish way to introduce a pop of colour into your environment.

Introducing plants is a good way to breathe life into your rental while improving the quality of the air. Live plants also look great and introduce natural textures and colours into your space. If you don’t want the responsibility of looking after a plant, you could always start with a low-maintenance variety such as succulents that hardly need to be watered, or display cut flowers in vases and change them on a weekly basis.

If you are looking for a rental property to call home then get in touch with our friendly team at Professionals Victoria Park today. We are the local experts at real estate in Victoria Park and would love to assist in finding the perfect solution for you.

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